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9th Vaujany International Chess Festival
July 12-20, 2018
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last update may 12th, 2018: 81 players already registered

Tournament rules (EN)

Tournament Rules 

Article 1

The 9th Vaujany International chess festival will occur in Vaujany between july 12th and july 20th, 2018. It is organized  by PROMO-ECHECS and takes place at the "Espace Loisirs" center. Participants can register in one of the following three tournaments:  
  • The main tournament (Tournoi Principal), for strong players (we recommand Elo rating above  1850)
  • The B tournament (Tournoi Accession), for players with Elo rating below 1900 (we recommand Elo>1450)
  • The C tournament (Petit' Zelos), for players with Elo rating  below 1500

Article 2

a) Rate of play:
All games will be played at the Fischer rate: 100 minutes plus 30 seconds per move for the first 40 moves,  then
40 minutes plus 30 seconds per move  to finish.

b) Timetable: 

All the tournements will be held in 9 rounds as follows:

  • Round 1 will be start on thursday july 12th at 16h00 (4 pm).
  • Rounds 2 à 8 will start at  14 h 30 (2:30 pm)
  • The last round will start on friday, july 20, 2018 at 10h00 am
  • The prize-giving ceremony will occur on friday, july 20th at 17h30 (5:30 pm). Prizes will only be awarded to players who attend the closing ceremony.

c) Registration:

Registration will close on saturday  july 12th
, 2018 at 15h (3 pm). 

Registration fees:

  • Main tournament : 58 € (youngsters: 29 €), free for IGM et IM, 29€ for FIDE masters
  • B tournament : 50 € (youngsters: 25 €)
  • C tournament : 30 € (youngsters: 15 €)

To be paired for the first round, the players need to be present and to have paid the registration fees .

Article 3

The FIDE Laws of Chess (1st july 2014) will apply.
Draws by mutual agreement in less than 30 moves are not allowed.

Article 4

The pairings will be made according to the Swiss system  The arbiter will be assisted by P.A.P.I. pairings program devised by Erick MOURET.

The classification is made according to the total numbers of point scored. Ties are resolved first by the truncated buchholz (sum of adjusted scores of opponents minus two lower) and then by rating performance

Article 5

The Appeal Jury will be composed of five players, who will be appointed during the first round and publicly advertized. The Jury's decision will be final.  If a player disagrees with an arbiter's decision he can give notice of appeal before resuming the game, which he must finish. After the game he must make a written statement of claim which will be attached to the official report of the tournament.

Article 6

Withdraws:  Players arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of a round shall lose. 

If a players defaults without reasons of absolute necessity, to be explained as soon as possible to the chief arbiter, then he will not be paired at the next round.

Article 7

Prizes: The definitive list of prizes will be displayed from round 4 at the latest. A player cannot win more than one prize (he will receive the largest one).  If there is a tie the prizes  in the general classification are shared according to the Hort system. The other prizes (per range of elo)  will be attributed to the player with the best  dep.

Prizes will only be awarded to players who attend the closing ceremony.

Article 8

Arbiters: The referees of the tournament are Claire PERNOUD,  international arbiter, and Thierry Delelis-Fanien,  deputy arbiter.

Article 9

All players are requested to comply with these rules. Violator will receive a written warning.

At the end of the game, the winner (or the player with whites in case of draw) has to give the result of the game to the arbiter.

Article 10

Mobile phone are strictly forbidden in the playing hall. Any player whose mobile phone emits a sound during the game will lose immediatly his game.

Main arbiter : Claire Pernoud
Organizer: J.P.LEES